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About Surendra Singh

Surendra Singh has lived in Jaipur with his family his entire life (except for brief sojourns in Varanasi and New Delhi). Surendra tells stories of how in his childhood it was a smaller and more intimate locale and he has watched it grow into the bustling and energetic sprawling city of the 21st-century that it is today. Surendra's main focus has always been on textiles. He has created beautiful and quality holiday decorations for the market in the United States since the 1980's. He has a deep passion for woodblock printing done in the traditional manner as it has been done for generations. All of Surendra's employees are cared for by him, beyond the normal employer/employee relationship, with real generosity of heart and intimacy. Families have been working with him for two generations. Current employees are the sons and daughters of former employees and he and his wife have watched them grow up and cared for them through their entire lives. While celebrating Diwali, (Indian New Year) we always participate in a Puja (sacred ceremony) to bring in the New Year by creating a special fabric. It is a great joy to Surendra, to me, and to all the artisans we work with, to watch these most beautiful fabrics manifest.