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About Vina Steinberg

I have been connected with India and its culture my whole life. My father is a scholar of religious studies. I am named after an instrument that Saraswati, the Indian Goddess of the arts an literature plays. Growing up I practiced yoga, chanting, and mediation and still do. And it is through the Grace of my Guru Adi Da that all the gifts of my life have been given. 

My early life instilled in me a sense of joy, of what it means to be a part of something bigger than myself. I am immensely grateful for the gift of community in my life, of others to serve and to be served by. I truly believe each and every one of us needs a tribe. Whether we find meaning through art, our children, Mother Nature, or our connection to God, I find it vital to be in community. Our Friends help keep us on track, bringing humor into our lives and helping us to remember that to give is far more rewarding than to take. India is an awesome place. It is outrageous and beautiful and definitely has not lost its sense of community, as so many other places have. So it makes perfect sense that I would someday be drawn to it. Having a business centered there connects me to the memories of my childhood. It helps me remember the things that are important to me, while allowing me to give back to India some of the gifts she has given to me.

Each year my father travels to India. He and Surendra Singh (his longtime dear friend, and my now business partner) pilgrimage to a small village named Ganeshpuri to pay respects to the lineage of our Guru, Adi Da. In October of 2002, I first journeyed to India on one of these trips, meeting Surendra for the first time as well as his wife Laxmi and his children Dushyant and Shristy. Over the many years and visits our relationships have grown making it ease full and fun to partner with them. Surendra is a dear friend and a man with incredible integrity and depth of heart.

I feel honored to be able to bring you these products.